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" Our experience with Paramatrix was excellent. I think when ever we required any help, we got the support and things were sorted out quickly. What I really liked about you and your team is that you guys can take pressure and are always calm. Keep up the good work. "

Dharmendra Singh Negi, Head HR,
Celebinas Airport Services India Pvt Ltd

" I think the team in Paramatrix is very strong as far as the content & process understanding goes. They have been a great support to their client in their delivery as well as the time lines. The quality of their delivery is unquestionable, even after delivery of the product. It was a pleasure working the delivery & Sales team at Paramatrix and would also like to work with them for the future needs of any HR function. "

Meghna Gupta , Vice President- HR,
Axis Asset Management Company Ltd

" Paramatrix has done a very good job with processing our orders. We have been very pleased with their overall service and they certainly would be an asset to any company that would like to utilize their services. "

Catherine Gornto,
Strategic Partners

" During the project implementation, we not only learn the best in class processes but the journey was quite enjoyable. Your team is competent enough to handle all types of end users, enthusiastic, difficult, quick learner with equal attention & energy. Today, I am more comfortable to get back to you on any issue related to adrenalin than contacting anybody else. Our trust in you & your team is evident when my management has agreed to go ahead with signing an AMC with Paramatrix for future support on adrenalin. I am looking forward to work with you & your team closely in future as well. "

Ravindra Naik, Reward Manager,
Diageo India Pvt Ltd



" In Paramatrix Technologies, I got friendly atmosphere, it's like second home for me.Everyday I enjoy working here. Here I got good and very supportive management. Good teamwork is the heart of Paramatrix Technologies, Everyone works here as unity.Paramatrix always supported my professional development as well as appreciated every effort. "

Roshan, Associate Software Engineer

" Being in Paramatrix has opened many new avenues for me and has been a wonderful experience so far. Having worked here for more than six months now, I can positively say that this place offers a transparent work environment with lots of trust and flexibility. Few reasons why I enjoy working here at Paramatrix is feel good work environment, Streamlined approach to software development, tackling competent software technologies and enhancing my time management skills.We are really proud and confident about our thoughtful CEO who has always led us through the good and the bad times. "

Toral, Team Leader

" In Paramatrix, all these years I have seen myself improving personally and learning technically as time passed by. I have gathered ample domain and technical knowledge in Paramatrix. There is always a door open to opportunities for people having required skills and talent. Paramatrix has always encouraged my abilities to carry out my job responsibilities.People around me keep learning and in return I am getting opportunities to share and learn too. As I believe, nothing is perfect, just we have to keep it making excellent. "

Avinash, Associate Technical Architect

" For last seven years, I have been working at Paramatrix. Here, I have received a lot of exposure on HR related activities. I have learnt a lot of new things which has enhanced my skills personally & professionally. It is a young organization and it has shown many new career paths to its employees. Paramatrix has been helping all of its employees, without any discrimination; to achieve their career goals.It has successfully retained many of its talented employees over these years. Paramatrix' work culture is very healthy and friendly.Every member of Paramatrix knows that they are a valued member of this family. "

Supriya, Sr.Executive Human Resource

" It's been very great working with Paramatrix. Every moment, every day has something new, something fresh to experience and to learn. Respect, Integrity, Empathy are the three golden words of Paramatrix to which we are encouraged to stand. Being with Paramatrix is one of the best moments I am enjoying. "

Ravi, Associate Software Engineer

" For me It`s an honor to be part of Paramatrix, a consistent performer. My continued great journey of over 5 years has been full of excitement, challenges and unmatched experience for developing full-featured products and the Application Integration. Right from the beginning of my employment, I have been lucky to work with great experts, well-mannered leaders and colleagues. At Paramatrix employees are empowered to hunt for up-to the market technologies for development, discuss and implement the changes effectively. I am looking forward much more opportunities for excellence and to find undiscovered domains to try our skills. "

Bhaskar, Team Leader

" At Paramatrix, an individual has the opportunity to grow and shape his career. I believe it's a great place to jump start your career. It's a place where your efforts and hard work can help you grow as a thorough IT professional. A place where your growth is determined by "YOU" only.My experience with Paramatrix has been highly enjoyable and of a great learning experience. "

Avinash, Software Engineer

" It has been a wonderful experience working with paramatrix over 8 years. It has enhanced my skills in Technology, Domain and Personality considerably. Organization weighs people over profits and has provided opportunity to everybody to perform. Keeping this in mind, people with attitude and commitment had built themselves and hence the company by delivering fruitful results. Steadily marking its presence in the industry, without loosing legal & social corporate responsibility aspect, Paramatrix has long way to grow and I am sure company will succeed. "

Jitendra, Project Leader

" I am having a great time working at Paramatrix. The experience I have gained vast experience in domain here.I have always got the right opportunity at the right time.Paramatrix has appreciated my work and bestowed on me the reward timely.I call it as a perfect place to work.And I am sure it will continue to give me ample opportunities in future too. "

Vinod, Team Leader Implementation

" My tenure at Paramatrix has just crossed the year mark. To sum up my experience it's been a truly exhilarating one, it's a young organization with a perfect blend of experience and youthful exuberance. The energy levels are pretty high and also the vision to make it big really drives the work-force. The horizon is still at a distance but the unrelenting surge to attain it would make us successful in the future. "

Arnab, Business Development Manager

" My experience in Paramatrix Technologies over the past few years has been astonishing. It is an organization suitable for every engineering graduate coming out of the college, who wants to build a career in software technology. Paramatrix, as an organization has not only provided me the opportunity to nurture my talents in technology, but has also provided guidance in other important aspects of the career. I find myself very fortunate enough to start my career at Paramatrix. Proud to be a PARAMATRICIAN !!! "

Amrin, Associate Software Engineer

"Paramatrix believe that our people are most important asset". We take great pride in selecting, recruiting, developing, nurturing and rewarding our talent. We are an organization of highly motivated teams who take pride in delivering exceptional service and making a difference in the Organization.
Join us to experience a career of delivering exceptional service. At the Paramatrix, you will be developed and rewarded with recognition and growth for efforts in the pursuit of excellence.