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" Our experience with Paramatrix was excellent. I think when ever we required any help, we got the support and things were sorted out quickly. What I really liked about you and your team is that you guys can take pressure and are always calm. Keep up the good work. "

Dharmendra Singh Negi, Head HR,
Celebinas Airport Services India Pvt Ltd

" I think the team in Paramatrix is very strong as far as the content & process understanding goes. They have been a great support to their client in their delivery as well as the time lines. The quality of their delivery is unquestionable, even after delivery of the product.It was a pleasure working the delivery & Sales team at Paramatrix and would also like to work with them for the future needs of any HR function. "

Meghna Gupta , Vice President- HR,
Axis Asset Management Company Ltd

" Paramatrix has done a very good job with processing our orders. We have been very pleased with their overall service and they certainly would be an asset to any company that would like to utilize their services. "

Catherine Gornto,
Strategic Partners

" During the project implementation, we not only learn the best in class processes but the journey was quite enjoyable. Your team is competent enough to handle all types of end users, enthusiastic, difficult, quick learner with equal attention & energy. Today, I am more comfortable to get back to you on any issue related to adrenalin than contacting anybody else. Our trust in you & your team is evident when my management has agreed to go ahead with signing an AMC with Paramatrix for future support on adrenalin. I am looking forward to work with you & your team closely in future as well. "

Ravindra Naik, Reward Manager,
Diageo India Pvt Ltd

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Action View

  • action-view


  • Single point view of individual performance
  • Minimizes errors of old style coaching
  • Helps in identifying faults in body movements
  • In-depth video analysis


  • Live and post-game video analysis
  • Easy recording with event tagging
  • Match statistics and scoreboard on the fly
  • Upto four simultaneous video playbacks
  • In-Match Live edit option


Action View is a top class digital video analysis application for the field of sports. It is designed to capture body analysis for the sports of cricket and lawn tennis, which the coaches, players and sports analysts can use to improve the game and performance.
The sports application captures live video footage to provide in-depth video analysis with relevant information and easy video clippings. ActionView is available in two variants: Match video analysis and Motion video analysis.
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Tech Specs

  • Technology: MS .NET
  • OS: Windows 2000, 2008, XP, Vista
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