Brokerage Rebate System (BRS)

A prominent broker in India needed a system to provide their loyal customers with rebates and discounts on the brokerages that they have paid post trading.

- BRS talks with trading system, risk management system, and payment systems to collect necessary data required for processing this rebate. This data is collected on a monthly basis and based on a clients credibility and trading volumes rebates are distributed.

- BRS provides its back-office users with a dynamic rule definition engine, based on these rules BRS automatically processes the necessary client wise rebates.

- Pre-BRS days this client's manual process used to take around 4-5 days to collect, define and process this data, using BRS all this can be achieved within few hours for as huge as 50000+ customers.

- BRS is a thick client based solution used by 10+ users and is developed using Microsoft technologies like Dot Net 3.0, SQL Server 2005, SSIS and SSRS.

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