Distributor Empanelment System (DES)

A multinational Asset Management Company(AMC) needed to build a comprehensive solution to meet their distributor empanelment management, legal documents management, roadshow management, and bulk emailer management needs.

- DES application is built around two critical principles maker-checker and audit trail of all critical data.

- New distributors are empanelled using DES, once an empanelment is received a maker entry of the same is made, same stays in pending state until all legal documents and necessary payments are received.

- New mutual fund schemes and plans can be managed via a roadshow management and bulk emailers module, saving huge amount of time of the operations team, bulk printing avoids human errors too.

- DES is a thick client based solution used by 25+ users and is developed using Microsoft technologies like Dot Net 3.0, SQL Server 2005, SSIS and SSRS.

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