eCommerce Website

We were successful in building a fast, secured & user-friendly eCommerce website with a large product base, with all business considerations taken into account.

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Name of Project
eCommerce Website

"In a short span of time Paramatrix team was able to radically trasfrom our old ecommerce site to a modern & fresh looking ecommerce portal."
- Company Representative

Business Context
The client's ecommerce website that existed lacked severely in design and security resulting in poor user-hits and sales. The requirement was to develop an eCommerce-enabled website equipped wit the state of the art security arrangements and user-friendliness and modern appeal.

Below is a list of key challenges:

- To add 30000+ products to the catalogue
- To optimise site access speeds
- To implement security arrangements
- To enhance SEO & SEM campaigns, and most importantly
- To radically Improve UI & UX

After a through research certain ecommerce website development template, that were based on Opercart, were finalised. Bulk data migration tools were implemented to reduce data migration & reconciliation schedules. Certifications from a couple of Internet Security bossies were implemented and a new UI/UX storyboard and subsequent design was created and implemented.

Increase in number of visiting users, increase in revenue and reaching higher customer base with correct SEO/SEM campaigns.

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