Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) of Back Office System

The EAI is a Dynamic, Flexible and Robust, Core Back Office system for the securities domain.

A Leading Financial Securities Company

Name of Project
Enterprise Application Integration of Back Office System

"EAI is the backbone of all systems at Kotak. In Paramatrix we found the partner with strong fundamentals in the domain as well as high reliability to engage with."
- Company Representative

Business Context
The client is a leading stock-broking firm in India, who wanted to replace the existing back-office solution in their organisation with a custom-built, robust, dynamic back office system. The solution had to be flexible to take care of dynamic business needs and the changes in the business process that are related to regulatory with time and cost effective manner.

The key challenge was to develop a single back office system that will take care of all back office processing at the existing exchanges and upcoming/new exchanges with very minimal changes.

The EAI Project was to setup a single back office system (for the Securities Domain) implemented using the latest in Microsoft technologies. To nullify all redundant work and data, the solution has been designed factoring in all functionality common across the various exchanges. Additionally, in exchange-specific areas, common business components were developed and extended to the context of exchange-specific changes.

The EAI back-office system takes care of core back-office processing operations including Trades Upload, Contract Generation, Bill Generation, Contract / Bill Printing, Obligation Tally, Ledger Posting etc.


Faster processing: An End-to-End Processing of 20 Lakh Trades (benchmark) with 100% accuracy in processing takes Only 3 Hours.

Versatile: It covers all leading exchanges (Cash/Derivatives/Commodities) in India and is easy to replicate to new exchanges coming up in the market.

Vast Configuration Options: Exhaustive Brokerage Scheme Master, Formula Based Dynamic Tax Master are USP of the system.

User-friendly: Even though complexity of the system is higher, many of the modules are automated and hence very less manual intervention.

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