GSTS Goal Setting and Tracking System

The GSTS is a web-based application that helps employees to set and track goals for employees of an organisation.

Intematix Corporation

Name of Project
GSTS (Goal Setting and Tracking System)

Business Context
Intematix was faced with the problem of being unable to set goals for their employees and track them. The problem was primarily an because of the processes being paper-based. On analysis, we found them to be cumbersome and error prone. Additionally, Intematix wanted to implement access controls on data which was not possible due to the nature of physical movements of paper. The solution therefore was to have a system with electronic forms.

In essence, the project was to move this process to paper based processes to a computer-based workflow system where users are given access based on their roles in corresponding electronic process.

Other than administrator, two major roles were there: Employee and Supervisor. Supervisor used to set goals for subordinates in the beginning of the year. The subordinates can fill in their progress throughout the year. At the end of the appraisal session, the results are marked by supervisor and made available to subordinate. This system's main feature was ensuring integrity and transparency in this whole process.

Challenges The principal challenge faced while building this system was transforming the paper-based workflow to electronic ones. Many forms needed modification based on data types and data capture mechanisms. Some existing flow needed to be changed to make them more amenable to computer-based workflow. An access control layer was required in the application to make Goal-sets and Goals visible to applicable supervisors and their higher-ups only.

Solution This application is built on open source based Django-Python-Nginx-MySQL stack and implements Role Hierarchy. Templates for Goal-sets are defined for applicable departments. Supervisors choose suitable templates and make modifications to them, while setting goal for subordinates. This process involves face-to-face meeting with subordinates and the capture of the crux of these discussionson the system, using the UIs provided.

"GSTS has helped our employees consistently attain higher productivity levels by helping them measure and assess performances. It has also helped them fine-tune their work patterns to achieve targets."
- Company Representative

Goals are set and are locked to restrict changes. Subordinates add comments against goals round-the-year and during appraisals, the goals are unlocked to facilitate review and recording of notes.

Using this application, the supervisor can:

- Set goals for a subordinate
- Set goal-sets against a department
- See past goals of a subordinate and their status
- See current and past goals of all the employees below subordinates too
- Can comment on the progress of the goal set for current appraisal period
- Can lock the goals for a full or partial appraisal cycle for a subordinate

Using this application, a subordinate can:
- See current set of applicable goals
- See past goals
- Map comments against each goal
- Can see supervisor's comments too

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