ITCS (Insider Trade Compliance System)

The ITCS automates the processes in insider trading compliance as laid out by SEBI (in their guidelines) with latest technologies and very low OPEX.

Organisation -
A Leading Indian Financial Services Company.

Name of Project -
ITCS (Insider Trade Compliance System)

Business Context
The client was in need of automating their existing employee share trading processes as per SEBI's Insider trading compliance guidelines. The ITCS automates the process of employee trade requests and tracks non-compliance.

Low OPEX, migration of existing data and user adaptability were the challenges faced during implementation of this project.

Paramatrix team has developed a cloud-based solution, which eliminated high OPEX. The existing data was reconciled and migrated. The ITCS's Intuitive UI/UX, process automation and reduced manual errors helped with easy adoption by users.

The ITCS achieves compliance with SEBI's regulatory guidelines, process automation and drastic reduction in manual errors and Improved user experience.

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