Institutional Trades Processing And Reporting System (ITPRS)

A prominent capital asset management companies back office operations team wanted to build a solution to generate various dynamic trade reports in the specific format requested by respective institutional clients. These reports have to be generated and dispatched to their clients on a daily basis within few minutes after the stock markets close.

ITPRS completely eradicates the manual process of collating trade data from various trading engines used by this organisation. ITPRS automatically pulls daily data from respective systems based on a trigger mechanism to avoid any delays after stock markets close down for the day. A sophisticated warning mechanism is also built-in to avoid delay as time is of the essence for this application.

Once data is collated from various system into ITPRS database, operations users gets an alert to start the process of report generations and dispatch, all this is done in a 10 minutes window by just clicking a single button.

Application provides the operations user with requisite flexibility to skip clients, skip reports, re-generate reports, keep historic audit data and also stop auto emailing as and when required.

ITPRS is a thick client based solution used by 25+ users and is developed using Microsoft technologies like Dot Net 3.5, SQL Server 2008, SSIS and Excel.

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