Integration of the OGS and PACE

A middleware platform to build cost effective enterprise applications with all kinds of flexibilities.

A Leading Insurance Company.

Name of the Project
Integration of the OGS and PACE

"PACE middleware provided platform for the faster development as various business objects have already been tested and proven for stability and performance."

Business Context
The client wanted to build their Order Generation System on a robust and scalable platform. The main constraint was the cost of building a large system. They wanted to use some reliable development framework which could take care of providing all common functionalities like authentication, access controls, audit trails, database access, file processing, message logging etc. Expected from an enterprise application. By opting for a framework to do these jobs, they wanted to be spared from developing it again.

The OGS was developed in DotNet. PACE which was built on Java had to work seamlessly with OGS. PACE was supposed to maintain user, role, and user-group database, implement fine grained access controls on various data sets, track and report all the changes in the data made by different users at different time, and make it easy for developers to add new modules into OGS, on a need basis.

PACE provided a REST based gateway to OGS to interact with business objects as well as its backend database. DotNet based OGS issued requests in JSON format, and the response too was provided by various business objects in the same format. It provided a file upload and processing module to OGS to allow users to upload data files for bulk processing. This framework also allowed easy integration of Windows desktops, Linux and Windows application servers, and MS SQL database.

PACE can be used to assist developers of any enterprise applications when their applications need the following:

- Support for horizontal hardware scaling
- User and role management
- Fine grained access control
- User white listing/black listing
- Multiple authentication backends
- Support for user mobility including device based access controls
- Workflow engine with support for branching and merging
- Out of the box audit trails of all operations
- Seamless database access
- Easy message logging
- NoSQL database support
- Plugin support
- Full web based administration In about 100 words

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