Location-aware Mobile Solution for a Customer Support

The project provides location-aware services using state-of-the-art mobile technologies that are scalable enough to handle large numbers of mobile users across India.

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Name of Project
Location-aware Mobile Solution for a Customer Support

"We have been very pleased with Paramatrix’ services and they certainly would be an asset to any company that would like to utilise their services."
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Business Context
ICICI Lombard was on the lookout for options to add a geo-location based module to their Insure Mobile App. The purpose of this endeavor was to have the ability to shows the location of the nearest support facilities (viz., Hospital, Garage and Branches, etc.,) that are affiliated to ICICI.

The key challenge was to make the solution cater to large numbers of clients without any lag while displaying the nearest hospital, garage & branch information on Google Map.

Paramatrix developed an Android App to address the location-specific requirements of the client. Hybrid mobile technologies were used to create location-aware information display on Google Map. Web service-based integration was done with various systems to collect data on-the-move and to display the same within the app.

Increase in Customer-base, Improved User Interface & Experience and High Customer Satisfaction.

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