Mutual Fund Management System (MFMS)

A leading mutual fund company from India wanted to build an application that will store data of their clients received from CAMS or KARVY mutual fund managers. Once the database is build it will be used to generate reconciliation and business critical data mining reports.

- MFMS operations are divided into 4 phases,
- Data Migration & Exception Checks.
- Client Master & Details Data Imports.
- EOD, AUM & Data Exception Updates.
- MIS Reports Generation.

Various sub-operations like Trade Reconciliations, Scheme Reconciliations, De-Dup Logic, Pincode Exceptions, and AUM processing run in parallel to cleanse, import and compute correct data.

MFMS is a thick client based solution used by 5+ users and is developed using Microsoft technologies like Dot Net 3.0, SQL Server 2005, SSIS and SSRS.

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