Report Automation

This solution is designed to reduce the turnaround time for repetitive report automation tasks and brings in standardisation.

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Name of the Project
Report Automation

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Business Context
The customer was expected to generate 500+ reports in various formats such as .xls or .pdf and send to their clients, on each day. Prior to this automation, these were done manually, which led to the numerous errors viz., wrong data, incorrect recipients, etc., Additionally, large numbers of man power deployed was required. This is where this solution brought in technology-driven solutions to automates the entire process of generating and sending the reports.

The solution was expected to address following significant challenges:

- Scheduled generation and delivery of reports
- Report formats to be configurable at the recipient level
- Uniform report template for all the recipients
- Capacity to send large number of reports
- System to be up throughout the day to generate and send reports
- Easy to add/modify various report parameters

The business need of the client was addressed by delivering the Report Automation solution which is a web-based solution built using the useful components from the Microsoft technology stack, viz., .Net Framework 3.5, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server Reporting and System SQL Server Integration System. It allows users to define the settings for report generation & dispatch schedules and maps the recipient parameters. The report generation and dispatch components runs as web-services in the background and ensure that mails are sent to the right audience with accurate data.

Although, the solution was delivered to an IT - Performance Testing organisation, it is very suited to serve any organisation or industry, where there is a need to automate the generation and mailing of standard reports. Robust solution architecture and strength of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 empowers the solution to be scalable and ready to handle large volume of data.

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